Monday, November 16, 2009

Polka Dots

Polka Dots is a small inconspicuous eatery located in Aundh and Kalyaninagar. But for a diehard foodie, its a very valuable joint in Pune’s gourmet scene.

It’s not a place where you can have a nice romantic dinner or a quiet family outing. It’s a place which you can frequent with a group of college friends or office colleagues. The crowd is young and colourful and the décor is minimalistic. Its best to go very early, especially if you are going for dinner as the place gets packed to the brim soon.

The main thing about Polka Dots is the eclectic cuisine on offer and quite reasonably priced. They specialize in continental food, though the menu does have some Indian options as well. The food is rarely disappointing in quality and well presented with the Paprika Chicken, Traditional Roast Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, Shepherd’s Pie that are at the top my mind, having sampled them recently. The menu also boasts of specialty dishes from around the globe like the Hungarian goulash, the Greek moussaka , Italian pastas and the traditional Thai curries among others. The only downbeat thing about the food is probably the quantity. If you are really hungry, then maybe one dish may not suffice and you may have to order a side dish as well. Most of the main course dishes are priced for Rs.185/- Veg options are slightly limited, but the desserts are definitely worth going for. And sorry, no alcohol here!

For me, Polka Dots will always be among the first places in the list for an economical, yet delicious continental dinner.


  1. I totally agree with your assessment of Polka Dots. I like the place, the ambience. The service is a little slow and can be better. The food is good especially the bavarian chicken which is a personal favorite

    Of course how can i forget the Kiwi Mousse :P. I am sure you guys remember !!!

  2. I have always loved going to Polka Dots, especially for their desserts (Death by Chocolate, Fresh Mango Mousse etc). The one thing I would change about the place are their utter charmless tables (stainless steel?) and maybe do something about the ample number of flies that hang about in muggy weather.

  3. Oh yes, the desserts are awesome. All of them!
    The stainless steel tables that you have mentioned are not there in the Aundh branch though. I think thats a much better outlet than the Kalyaninagar branch.

  4. Another good thing about the menu at Polka Dots is that each dish is about enough for one person, so its easier to judge how much to order, and each can have his choice.