Friday, August 21, 2009

Chicken sandwiches anyone?

Tell me which is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of chicken sandwiches. Or let me put it this way - Which places would you go to if you want to have a decent chicken sandwich at different times in your day? I have not been able to find out the right answer to this yet, but some of the places below definitely spring to my mind.

What is it about chicken mayo sandwiches and cold coffee at Marzorin? I guess some childhood memories of pigging out on the same on many an evening. The same quality and taste has been maintained over the years by Marzorin. Simply done with mayo and chicken, and yet very delighful. Perfect for a warm summer evening. So whenever you are next in Camp, do stop for a moment and sample these for sure.

Have you had the grilled cheesy chicken sandwiches at Mocha? Please do! Warm and tasty to the core. At Mocha - you get them in various forms; as paninis or as croque monsieur. But man, they make my mouth water whenever I think of them. Totally different from the Marzorin ones, paninis have some other fillings along with chicken and are toasted. The herbed chicken panini is a good one to have. Hot grilled, with melted cheese and chicken are the croque monsieurs. Ideal to have on a cold rainy day with some hot coffee.

I recently had a chicken sandwich at Burger King, yes the same one on East Street and just before ABC Farms. Not too bad I would say. Three layered and stuffed with chicken and cheese and toasted is their style. With fried potato chips. Reasonably priced and very filling. If you want to have a quick bite for lunch, then the chicken and cheese sandwich at Burger King will definitely serve the purpose.

I have been hearing about a particularly buttery and warm chicken sandwich being served at a popular "quarter joint" in the Deccan area. Surprised?? If you are, then you dont know Swagat.
For every food item served there is really good. They just dont serve bad dishes! I have not yet had the opportunity to try it out, but I am assured of the quality of their chicken sandwich. Though I was not aware that a chicken sandwich can go so well with a peg of rum or beer, till I tried one myself at Apache. Small toasted finger sandwiches with coleslaw. Perfect to wash down with a pint.

Then there are the popular coffee joints, the Cafe Coffee Days and the Baristas. They also are quite adept in making a chicken sandwich. Maybe a chic tikka sandwich or the smoked chicken one. Again, just the right amount of chicken and soft bread. A little pricey maybe, but then the mood is also different. Have it with either a hot or cold coffee or a juice. Goes well with everything and gives you that satisfying feeling.

So there you have it. Chicken sandwiches for every occasion. Of course, there would be many more places that serve good ones (do tell me if you know), but for starters, go ahead and explore the ones above.


  1. You seem to have covered most bases :) The one place that used to make the most heavenly chicken 'n' cheese sandwiches was Gobbles, next to the Taj Blue Diamond. Takes me back to my college days that does..

  2. Ya I remember that place. Sandwiches and good burgers too!

  3. To add to the small regular hangouts like CCDs and Baristas, there is one cafe called Finale on LC road who make very good chicken celery sandwiches, and are quite less pricey than CCDs. Mood Foods on Bhandarkar Rd also has really good breads for their sandwiches.

  4. Will check out Finale sometime. Yes Mood Food has decent sandwiches, but its more like a parcel joint as there isn't much space there to sit and eat leisurely.