Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chinese food in VimanNagar??

If you are ever in VimanNagar hunting for a decent place for lunch, do check out a nondescript eatery called Chang's.
Its Chinese of course!! If you are to summarize the place, its a very cozy and value for money joint with quick service and good food. We have been to Chang's quite often on our Friday office lunches and never once has the place disappointed.

Its a small air-conditioned eatery with an inviting glass facade and half shaded by trees. Not many folks seem to have discovered this place since you will always find it half empty. But believe me, the food is definitely something to look forward to. The soups and chicken dumplings are wonderfully made and the stewed rice and Peking chicken have always been upto the mark. To get an idea of the rates, a meal for 4 will cost about Rs.800. So if you are searching for a neighbourhood Chinese restaurant in VimanNagar, you have found one now!


  1. The stewed chicken rice and peking chicken are kickass; I can have that once a week easy!

  2. Wat about the dumplings and the spicy schezwan sauce?