Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spice It at Hotel Ibis

The newly started Hotel Ibis on Nagar road has a lunch buffet at their restaurant called Spice It. Its a nice spacious place with a cheerful and bright decor. The weekday lunch buffet is reasonably priced at Rs.300/- a head. But as far as buffets go, its not a place which you will want to visit again and again.

First of all, the variety was slightly limited, but that can possibly be excused if its meant to be a working weekday lunch. What got me down was the quality of the only two non-veg items in the buffet. The fried Calamari was awefully chewy and the mutton curry with potatoes was undercooked. There was a choice of two soups and some salads which were decent enough. The veg items were much better with the panner makhanwala and dal makhani being the best of the lot. There was a pumpkin stew which I avoided. The live chinese counter - rice and noodles with a variety of sauces and chicken/egg/prawns was a good option, though there wasnt much difference in flavour whatever the combo you take.

The dessert section comprised a banana pie (avoidable), exquisite pineapple pastries, strawberry ice-cream, gulab jamuns and carrot halwa. Again the mistake of not having some chocolate based dessert left something to be desired. The service though was quite attentive, but that is to be expected for a new hotel with limited visitors at the moment. The restaurant a-la-carte menu is limited and priced at par with most hotels of this class in that area. So all in all, visit this place only if someone else is paying for the meal.


  1. I understand this may not be completely within the purview of your assessments - I have heard rave reviews about the pretty waitresses at Ibis. How would this aspect factor into your overall rating? :)

  2. Nice post as always and really cool theme/template for the blog.

    I would luv to go there to taste the veggy stuff you've stated. As it sounds nice. Will take you along for all experience you had there. :)

    @Cynic's twist: Hope potdanee comes with me for the abovesaid reason at least. ;)

  3. Totally agree with your assessment. The chinese counter while innovative was a let down. They could also have done with some better variety in the non veg food.

    Still worth a visit though for the pretty women around !!!