Saturday, February 20, 2010

11 East Street Cafe

Generally the name of 11 East Street Café does not spring to mind when one is in the mood to eat some fine continental food. However, I would label this place as one of the best continental places in town.

Located in the relatively quieter East Street area, this place has been styled on a happening London street theme. Old lamp-posts, the characteristic red telephone booths, a red double-decker bus, an old fountain in the centre, posters of old English films and some London place names displayed, give the atmosphere of a busy London street. And the seating arrangement with the dim lighting enhances the impression of sitting by a road-side, with people hurrying by.

Once you get used to the place décor, your attention will be diverted by the options available on the menu. Right from sandwiches, soups and typical English dishes like bangers and mash, the Sunday roast, fish and chips, the English ratatouille, lamb chops to regular continental fare like the chicken roulade, stroganoff, pastas and pizzas, the place has a huge variety of food to offer. They also have some select Indian and Middle eastern dishes on the menu. The diversity of appetizers is awesome with bruschettas, poutine and spring rolls to crispy calamari, falafel and jalapeno cheese balls. In the main course, the Bacardi chicken and the grilled lamb in pepper sauce are awesome. The English ratatouille, stuffed mushrooms with bbq sauce and bangers and mash deserve a special mention. The collection of desserts is also very tempting and is housed in the double-decker bus at the entrance. You just cannot refuse the chocolate vodka lava, the blueberry cheese cake and the lindt hazelnut fudge brownies even after stuffing yourself with the delicious food.

If you have to find a few faults in the place, there are definitely not many in the food section. The quantities may be a tad less as compared to the prices and please do not follow the attendant’s suggestions. The service is a bit lacking and getting a table is a problem, especially on Saturday nights. A meal for two from soup to dessert would cost about a thousand, but the food is definitely worth a visit.


  1. As usual well written....

    The problem that I have seen with 11 East Street is that it is noisy what with the crowd and all. I have always seen teenagers around there and they get noisy and spoil the calm atmosphere there.

    I agree with the assessment of the deserts and the food, though I am still partial to the food at Arthurs Theme as far as continental food goes !!

  2. Yes I agree with you on both counts. It is a little noisy at East Street Cafe.
    And Arthur's Theme also has brilliant food.

  3. Good food and ambiance - makes for a nice, casual dining experience. Just as long as you get seating under an overhead fan!